Aardvark [Orycteropus afer]

They have a body length of 110 cm and a shoulder height of 60 cm, and the tail is 60-70 cm long. The skin is pinkish-gray or grayish-brown with coarse, yellowish hair. The hide is very thick in order to protect it from insects. The small, stocky body of the Aardvark has a high arch in its back.The powerful legs are covered with dark fur and the forefeet have four digits and the hind feet have five digits, and all are equipped with long claw-like nails. The thick claws on the forefeet are used as digging tools. The aardvark also uses its claws to walk on. The head is long and slender and ends with a tubular, pig-like snout, which is covered in white hairs that are 25-50 mm. The ears are large, and they taper to a point at the tips.The tail is muscular and also tapers at the end. The most unique feature of the Aardvark is its teeth, which are fewer than other mammals and in adults are only found in the back of the jaw. The teeth are not attached to the jaw and grow continuously throughout the Aardvark’s lifetime. Also they do not grow simultaneously. The teeth are columnar in shape, and have no roots. The teeth are not covered in enamel like other mammals but instead are covered with a layer of cement.

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