Large-spotted or Cape Genet [Genetta tigrina]

The Large-Spotted Genet has a shoulder height of 210 mm, but this species is short legged. The elongated body has a length of 460 mm and a mass of 1.6 kg. The thick, black and whitish-grey ringed tail is long at 400 mm. Claws are short, partially retractable and are an aid to climbing. No sexual dimorphism is obvious. Rows of rusty spots enclosed with black rings cover the brown or tan upperparts. The black rings merge into lines on the neck. The belly is whitish. They have white patches around the mouth, nose and below the eyes. The Large-Spotted Genet can be confused with the Small-Spotted Genet, the main difference being the white tipped tail of the latter compared to the black tipped tail of the large spotted species. Another difference is the entirely black spots of the small spotted genet which are without a rusty centre.

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