Water Mongoose  [Atilax paludinosusis]

With an overall length of 800 to 1000 mm, this is a large and robust mongoose. It has a mass of between 2.5 to 4.2 kg. Their tails are 300-410 mm long. Their colour is a uniform dark brown with a lighter nose. Their bodies are relatively short the tail is covered with long, shaggy hairs. Ears are adpressed to the head. They have a large skull with a short muzzle. The large brain is associated with increased tactile sensitivity and muscular control of the forepaws. These characteristics enables this semi-aquatic mongoose to locate and eat crabs and other relatively hard-bodied prey. Their teeth are adapted to crush the hard outer shells of shell fish, rather than to shear. This is the only herpestid with unwebbed feet which splay on soft substrates. This trait results in a very distinctive spoor.

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